In my profession, working in a school for underprivileged kids, I come across so many heartbreaking stories of broken lives destroyed by the very society we live in, putting to utter shame our existence as humans. We live for ourselves, our needs and comforts taking priority. We deem ourselves worthy of passing judgement when we know absolutely nothing of the struggles the other is facing.

I have had the honour this week of helping the

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Round 2 – What’s Different?

We were ecstatic when our daughter was born last year. The long wait was finally over and though I did have a very uneventful 9 months, I’d gained close to 18kgs and was keen to get back in shape after baby. I thought losing the weight would take long but three months after Leanna, I was back in my skinny jeans and had lost all of the extra fat! It surprised me more than it …

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Where does my help come from

One late evening in October, when my husband and I found out we were expecting again, our joy knew no bounds! We were thrilled beyond measure and Leanna, at barely 9 months old, couldn’t imagine why her parents were jumping all over the place!

After taking multiple home pregnancy tests just to confirm I wasn’t dreaming, we finally decided to tell family and friends. They were happy, of course! Some were shocked and some kept …

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