A Christmas Story

It is not everyday that we are given chances to make a difference…and a difference to a child’s life, one that can tomorrow lead nations, is an opportunity only a chosen few are given!

So, it came as no surprise when our Founder, Rahil, called a few of us to his room to discuss the feasibility of this tentative project in hand. For our CSR initiative, we decided to pay a visit to a well known ‘Home for Children’ called Jeevarathni Foundation which is about 45kms from Bangalore.

Little did we know what lay in store for us!

It was a crisp, cold morning on the 22nd of December 2019, when an enthusiastic bunch from Tessarakt set out with a mission – we were going to GIVE this Christmas! Give to the little ones at Jeevarathni even if the difference we made to them was miniscule. So with our Tessarakt-branded tees on display and a big BIG van full of goodies in tow, we could barely contain our excitement.

The welcome we received was nothing short of grand! The children insisted on giving each of us roses and Santa hats! The place was decorated – complete with a decked up Christmas tree and lots of little artefacts made by the children for everyone to see! It was delightful to see all the bright-eyed kids running about. Their friendliness and ready smiles soon got most of us comfortable and we felt quite at home.

As lunch time rolled around, the anticipation was tangible. There were whispers already going around and children nudging each other pointing in our direction. A Christmas performance, put together by the talented lot was all the distraction we needed as the excitement and restlessness only grew with every passing minute. After an hour of singing and dancing and a whole lot of festive cheer, it was finally time for the grand reveal!


There were squeals of joy when we handed them the racquets and shuttlecocks and they wasted no time inaugurating that court with a quick game!

Tessarakt left it’s mark on the hearts and minds of the little children at Jeevarthni that day. We managed to get that court done in a matter of days — a heroic feat! Each member of our team also contributed financially making this day one to remember.

At Tessarakt, we don’t believe in fairy tales.

Superheroes, though, do exist.

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