A Christmas Story

It is not everyday that we are given chances to make a difference…and a difference to a child’s life, one that can tomorrow lead nations, is an opportunity only a chosen few are given!

So, it came as no surprise when our Founder, Rahil, called a few of us to his room to discuss the feasibility of this tentative project in hand. For our CSR initiative, we decided to pay a visit to a well …

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Experiencing the Experiential

Its one of those cloudy yet not-so-cloudy days where the sun feigns non existence and the next minute, shines right in your face!

A group of youngsters slouch against a brightly coloured wall clearly on a break. The quietness is welcome—only ever so slightly interjected with the clicking of the keys on a computer or the distant laughter of the people upstairs.

To the untrained eye, we probably resemble a chaotic, wannabe start-up desperately trying

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Into the Unknown

It’s that time of the month. Again.

You heard me.

The end.

We’re almost in the 11th month of the year. The days have flown by so fast-it puts a cheetah to shame! It feels like yesterday when my now very active toddler took her first steps or her feisty sister started school. Wasn’t it just summertime when we went cycling in the sun?

We’ve come around almost full circle again.

It began somewhere between …

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There must’ve been a lot of pacing up in heaven during those final hours before Jesus was hung on the cross.

Towards the end of His torturous ordeal when Jesus cried out to his Father and asked Him why He’d forsaken Him, I’m quite certain God had to to do everything He could to NOT go back on His word- but, He knew he had to do it! It must’ve been heart-wrenching to have known

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Doubt is Out!

Leanna is our daughter and she sometimes has crying spells and bursts of temper tantrums, refusing her food or deliberately doing something we’ve told her not to do! She is sometimes ridiculously stubborn and very very vocal when she wants her way – but – she is still our daughter. We love her. We always will – no matter what.

We are but human… and parents!

We were on our way to the market last

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In my profession, working in a school for underprivileged kids, I come across so many heartbreaking stories of broken lives destroyed by the very society we live in, putting to utter shame our existence as humans. We live for ourselves, our needs and comforts taking priority. We deem ourselves worthy of passing judgement when we know absolutely nothing of the struggles the other is facing.

I have had the honour this week of helping the

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Where does my help come from

One late evening in October, when my husband and I found out we were expecting again, our joy knew no bounds! We were thrilled beyond measure and Leanna, at barely 9 months old, couldn’t imagine why her parents were jumping all over the place!

After taking multiple home pregnancy tests just to confirm I wasn’t dreaming, we finally decided to tell family and friends. They were happy, of course! Some were shocked and some kept …

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