A Christmas Story

It is not everyday that we are given chances to make a difference…and a difference to a child’s life, one that can tomorrow lead nations, is an opportunity only a chosen few are given!

So, it came as no surprise when our Founder, Rahil, called a few of us to his room to discuss the feasibility of this tentative project in hand. For our CSR initiative, we decided to pay a visit to a well …

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Experiencing the Experiential

Its one of those cloudy yet not-so-cloudy days where the sun feigns non existence and the next minute, shines right in your face!

A group of youngsters slouch against a brightly coloured wall clearly on a break. The quietness is welcome—only ever so slightly interjected with the clicking of the keys on a computer or the distant laughter of the people upstairs.

To the untrained eye, we probably resemble a chaotic, wannabe start-up desperately trying

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