Doubt is Out!

Leanna is our daughter and she sometimes has crying spells and bursts of temper tantrums, refusing her food or deliberately doing something we’ve told her not to do! She is sometimes ridiculously stubborn and very very vocal when she wants her way – but – she is still our daughter. We love her. We always will – no matter what.

We are but human… and parents!

We were on our way to the market last weekend and we had to catch an auto because riding on our bike with a toddler and my huge belly is now impossible, when something my daughter did caught my attention. We climbed in and her father settled her snugly on his lap before telling the driver to proceed and if you know my daughter, she loves the outdoors and always looks a bit awestruck. The auto driver couldn’t avoid a few bumps and sharp curves along the way and I could see Leanna’s expression change from wide-eyed amusement to fear and almost instinctively, her fathers arms tightened around her and she immediately relaxed. She leaned back and buried her little curly head in the crook of his arm and continued to watch the world outside completely relying on her dad to keep her safe! It amazed me to see how easily she trusted him, how she, without a doubt-knew he’d protect her!

Jesus, our Heavenly Father loves us in almost the same way (or more!) and wants us to spend time with Him trusting that He IS love and only has the best for us. He wants us to lie back in His arms knowing that He holds us safe. He demonstrated His love for us when he chose to die for us so that we can be free of our sins! The cross symbolises that we are now the redeemed, free of our past but we still lack the child-like faith when it comes to dealing with life’s difficulties. Why? Because we’re human and doubt seems to be ingrained in our very being…and it dates way back in time!

When Peter walked on water with Jesus, he didn’t hesitate at first but when he looked around and doubt creeped in, he found himself drowning!

When God spoke to Moses through the burning bush, he doubted his ability and found multiple excuses to counter God’s assurance.

Sarah doubted God when He promised to bless her with a child!

Thomas, who spent years learning at the feet of Jesus, doubted His resurrection!

As we have Good Friday and Easter approaching, I’d like to direct our attention away from the doubt that seems to be always lurking around. I’d like us to focus on what God did on the cross personifying LOVE and it is with this love that he promises us saying-

“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; He will never leave you or forsake you.” ( Deuteronomy 31:6)

When we have such an awesome God who calls us His children, it leaves absolutely no room for doubt, fear and inadequacy!

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  1. As we grow up, we lose that child-like doubtlessness and begin to question Jesus’ promises. Little babies (like Leanna here) surely encourage us to keep an unquestionable trust in our Dad. Thanks, Rachel, for the tinge of you in this post.

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