Experiencing the Experiential

Its one of those cloudy yet not-so-cloudy days where the sun feigns non existence and the next minute, shines right in your face!

A group of youngsters slouch against a brightly coloured wall clearly on a break. The quietness is welcome—only ever so slightly interjected with the clicking of the keys on a computer or the distant laughter of the people upstairs.

To the untrained eye, we probably resemble a chaotic, wannabe start-up desperately trying to build a name for ourselves under the guise of work! We’re too young, they said. Too inexperienced and incompetent.

I’ve been given the privilege of being a part of Tessarakt and in the four months I’ve been here, there is SO much I’ve learned!
So, what makes us tick?

We’re millennials, apparently…applying our own approach to being the boss! We’re reshaping what it means to be business owners and believe we would soon domineer our older counterparts.

I’ve watched and I’ve listened and I’ve watched some more and this is what I’ve taken away from it all!

Caution is great but optimism is what drives us.

Having a candid conversation with the 32 year old MD/Founder of my company one afternoon and listening to him chat away about the future, it dawned on me suddenly — his optimism was contagious! We talked about failures and rising up again. We talked about disappointments and then of the umpteen opportunities out there beyond the horizon for us to take hold of! I looked in his eyes and realised that nothing fazes him. He says our company is in a growth period right now and though we’ve experienced tough economic conditions, nothing will deter us from moving ahead.

We’re fuelled by passion, innovation and curiosity!

As millennials, we’re constantly trying to delve deeper into what’s new in the ever evolving digital world! We call ourselves digital natives and possess an inherent knack for incorporating new technology anywhere we can! Our Chief Innovation Officer at Tessarakt who is also a very dear friend firmly believes that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will take over the industry in the next five years! In fact, he further says, that innovation is perhaps what drives optimism amongst many millennial business owners today.

We’re ahead of the pack with out perks and benefits!

We’re always on the lookout for new talent and attracting them to our little lair has hardly ever proven difficult — thanks to our strong workplace culture! We’re all about employee benefits-from games and food and the (occasional!) beer, we’re all about doing away with traditional expectations. We’re always bringing interesting new ideas to the table and beg to differ with older business owners on being called incompetent!
It’s been a riveting journey so far, one that’s taught me so very much! My days have hardly been dull! We’ve had times of great success and times where we’ve been in imminent need of our band of superheros! (Yours truly, the Leadership)
Tessarakt is an inspiring team… and now my new family!

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