There must’ve been a lot of pacing up in heaven during those final hours before Jesus was hung on the cross.

Towards the end of His torturous ordeal when Jesus cried out to his Father and asked Him why He’d forsaken Him, I’m quite certain God had to to do everything He could to NOT go back on His word- but, He knew he had to do it! It must’ve been heart-wrenching to have known how the end was going to turn out, but He chose to do it anyway!  It would’ve been an agonising wait before Jesus finally breathed His last…all this for the likes of us—sinners.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. [John 3:16. Italics, mine]

He gave. His ONLY Son.

Did we deserve to have a pure life laid down for our despicable sins? No!
But He gave.
Did we deserve to be absolved from all the things we’ve done deliberately? No!
But He gave.
Do we deserve eternal life? No!

But…He gave.

He gave to the undeserving.

Jesus’ death on the cross captured the poignancy of the moment but it also stood for everything that He is- Love. The giving of His son was merely a precursor to what was next- His resurrection.

It is probably human nature to give based on whether a person is deserving of our gifts/money. The amount we give is directly proportional to the deeds that this deserving person has performed or the direness of his need. It is then, with great satisfaction and/or smug self appreciation, we part with whatever it is to be given.

We interact with so many people in the course of our day. Our drivers, maids and other people who are of service to us. We can sometimes get so caught up in doing things a certain way that we forget how underserving we really were. We forget what the message on the cross stood for.

It was love that made God give His son to die for us.
It was love that made Him go through torture and trial only to be publicly hung for all mankind to see.

It was love that made Him call the undeserving His children.

We love because He first loved.

We give because He first gave.

I woke up with this revelation and as Easter is drawing near, the message of the cross for me stood out in a brand new way!

I want to give to the undeserving!

How about you?

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