“LORD, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done wonderful things, things planned long ago.” – Isaiah 25:1 NIV

I was about 4 weeks pregnant with our second baby when I got this verse during my quiet time. I was still reeling from the shock (and excitement!) of finding out that we’re expecting AGAIN- barely 9 months after I had my first! It felt unreal-leaving me with mixed emotions and a sudden fear of what the future held for us.



It was just a routine checkup at almost 39 weeks that I went in for on a busy Friday evening expecting nothing more than the usual question- ‘Do you have any pains yet, any signs of labour?’ from my doctor. 

My pregnancy so far was absolutely uneventful and I was now desperate to pop this baby out! When I told her that I was ‘all sealed up’ and that my baby seemed very snug inside, she laughed and led me to the little bed in her office to check my baby’s heartbeat. I knew something was terribly wrong when her fetal monitor picked up only a faint, slow heartbeat. My doctor tried to mask her concern but the suggestion for an emergency scan betrayed her calm demeanour. 

The scan, thankfully, said that the baby was absolutely fine but the amniotic fluid inside was very low and there was also a slight infection. My doctor suggested an induction of labour which I happily agreed to. Finally, I thought, I was going to meet my baby. Nothing could’ve prepared me for what lay ahead! 

I was taken to my room where the nurses assured me that the induction process would begin immediately. I was hooked up to an IV through which they were getting my water level (the amniotic fluid) up and after about what seemed like eternity, my doctor walks in. She inserted a cervical gel in me which is supposed to soften the cervix and bring on the contractions. I was asked to lie in bed and get in a few hours of sleep before her next visit. 

That night seemed excruciatingly long with nurses walking in and checking my baby’s heartbeat every hour! Every time the Monitor touched my belly, it was nerve wrecking for me till I heard the reassuring thud-thud of my baby’s heart. 

Finally, at dawn, my doctor walked in and checked me again and as I eagerly awaited her report trying desperately to decipher her expression, she told me that I hadn’t dilated enough and that I needed another round of the dreaded cervical gel (Ug!!) I was so disappointed and so tired but I knew it wouldn’t be long. 

Another six hours later I was finally wheeled into the labour room and I blissfully thought that it would be another hour or so before I meet my baby! But things took an ugly turn when suddenly the alarm went off bringing the nurses and doctors rushing in! The baby’s heartbeat had dipped again and this time it was serious. I was still kept on hold because I was waiting for a full dilation and though I did have strong contractions, I wasn’t ready to push. My husband was sent out of the room and was told that if things did not progress in another half an hour, I would need to go in for an emergency cesarean section. I was now scared and as the nurses put me on oxygen support, I felt my whole world falling apart but that’s when my mind took me back to Isaiah 25 where God had promised us this child and He had things planned long ago! 

There were people praying for us everywhere- friends, family and well wishers and we knew that our God was holding this baby in His hands. Well, things progressed very fast after this. I was finally ready to push and in about 20 minutes, we had our princess born normal and healthy! 

Isaiah 25 talks about God’s ‘perfect faithfulness’ and perfect it was! He placed a skilled doctor right from the start and she, in her wisdom, was able to help deliver my baby. He made sure that I had nurses who were gentle and friendly and very adept! He made sure it was a weekend when I would go into labour so we had people at home to look after Leanna. He had these things planned LONG AGO! 

A special thanks to Dr. Sapna Lulla who was amazing right from the beginning! Her positive attitude and witty remarks left absolutely no room for fear or doubt! 

It’s been two and half months of blissful chaos being a mum of two under two but His mercies have been new EVERY morning! 

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