Life with two under two

A few things I’ve learnt being a mum of two under two:

  1. Have you ever tried to carry a wobbly 4 month old and a screaming 21 month old at the same time? Well, I have and it sure is no easy feat but it just goes to show that the term ‘weaker sex’ holds absolutely no significance whatsoever!
  2. Putting a sleeping baby down is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do and over the last 20 months or so, I must say that it is an acquired skill! After having done it so many times, your body actually remembers to go on ‘stealth mode’ every time you’re nearing a crib ! And by ‘stealth mode’ I mean actually NOT breathing!
  3. Showering under 5 minutes is something most people will find ridiculous but I can proudly say that I have finally mastered it–shampooing and all!😎
  4. Butt wiping, nose wiping, you-name-it wiping is something I can do even in my sleep and I dare say I’m pretty good at it!
  5. God gave us two hands and that’s plenty when it comes to getting things done but when there are two babies who need attending to, you use your– yup you’re right- feet!! When my hands are full I can still deftly pick up a fallen binky or a stray sock with my foot! Two hands two feet- all the same!
  6. Recently, I was at my sisters and after about six minutes I look at her and say, “isn’t it a bit too quiet?” It hit me then! I’m so used to noise and chaos and baby babble ALL the time and when there is silence, it’s almost not normal!
  7. My 21 month old toddler is a very affectionate child and almost always wants to kiss or touch her sister which might make you go “awww” except that she’s absolutely unaware of how strong she is in comparison to my 4 month old! There was once when I had to pry her away from Aria because she suddenly took a fancy to want to have her sit on her lap! I will leave you to imagine what happened next!
  8. Sometimes we get so used to playing adult that it’s easy to forget what the world looks like through the eyes of a child! Having to parent my girls all the day long gets a lot easier when I put aside my duties as a mum for a while and just enjoy the small things around! From the tiny ant struggling to carry a crumb, or a puddle in the middle of the road, everything fascinates my toddler and honestly it does bring out the kid in me and speaking of being a kid, give trampoline jumping a go! 😝
  9. I seem to never NEVER have a conversation with someone while maintaining eye contact anymore! It’s so tough because I’m constantly looking out for my very active toddler who finds an array of different things to get herself into trouble with!
  10. This is probably the most frustrating part about parenting two under two! The germs. My toddler is getting quite social now and though it is adorable to watch her grow and play with friends it also does bring with it a mum’s worst nightmare – germs, which is fine because she’s older now and doesn’t get very fussy with a runny nose but it does frustrate me because she promptly passes it on to her little sister! Argh!

This is just about scratching the surface of what my life has been so far and adding a bit of humour into the everyday rigmarole of things just makes it feel not so difficult ! Phew!

Having said that, both my girls are up now needing MOMMY!

Back to ‘mum-mode’ 😎

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